Seminar PIARC: CTERM – AISCAT ITS and Smart infrastructure for decarbonized, safe and compliant mobility of passengers and freight

22 Giugno 2022@14:00–18:00
AISCAT Offices
Via Giovanni Battista de’ Rossi 30


The aim of the seminar, promoted by the PIARC Terminology Committee CTERM, in partnership with AISCAT, is to present, based on the works carried out in the TCs 2.3 and 2.4, and TF2.2 of PIARC, solutions to improve and ensure clean, decarbonized, safe and compliant mobility. ITS solutions, connected and autonomous vehicles, smart and connected infrastructure, big data are among the topics to be discussed. A focus will be also made on de-carbonization of road transport, including freight, and on electrification and electric road system (ERS). Another part of the seminar will focus on identification, mitigation and fining of overloads, to protect road infrastructures, to ensure a fair freight transport market and to ensure a compliance of heavy vehicles to the National and European legislation (Directive 96/53EC revised 2015/719). Weigh-in-Motion (IM) technologies will be briefly addressed as a tool for that. In this regard, it is useful to point out that PIARC carried out special projects on ERS (2018), on overloads (2019-20) and oversized vehicles (2021), and that right now a new project is launched on carbon neutrality of road infrastructure and mobility.

Preliminary program 

14h00 – 14h30 – Welcoming addresses from AISCAT and PIARC

  • Massimo Schintu, Director General of AISCAT and PIARC CNI vice-president
  • Domenico Crocco, PIARC Italian First Delegate
  • Roberto Arditi, PIARC National Committee member
  • Robin Sébille, PIARC Deputy Secretary General

Moderator: Emanuela Stocchi, AISCAT Director of International Affairs, PIARC Executive Committee member, CTERM French-speaking secretary and co-chair of PIARC Team on Gender Diversity and Inclusion

14h30 – 16h15 – Topic 1: ITS solutions and smart infrastructures

  • Valentina Galasso, Chair of TC 2.4
  • Alessandro Musmeci, AISCAT – ITS and smart roads: an ongoing regulatory framework
  • Luigi Carrarini – ANAS smart roads experimentation (invited)
  • Olivier Quoy, CEO of Atlandes and TC2.3, Intelligent Access Programme, project CEDR/FALCON
  • Italian Concessionaire (ASPI) on Performance Based Standard (PBS) (tbc)
  • Bernard Jacob, Chair CTERM and member TC 2.3, Truck platooning, output of ENSEMBLE
  • Representative from Autostrada del Brennero on Truck platooning (invited)

16h15 – 16h30 Coffee break

16h30 – 17h30 – Topic2: Electric Road System (ERS)

  • Bernard Jacob, European state-of-the-art and French investigations on ERS
  • Giuseppe Mastroviti, Arena del Futuro, Brebemi and Dario Zaninelli (Polimi)
  • Andrea Manfron, FreetoX

17h30 – 18h30 – Topic 3: Freight road transport and overload enforcement by WIM

  • Keynote speaker: Massimo Marciani, PIARC member and Freight Leaders Council President
  • Bernard Jacob, Direct enforcement by WIM, International panorama (ISWIM)
  • Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (tbc)
  • Italian Traffic Police – Rosanna Ferranti (invited)

Wrap-up and conclusions: Bernard Jacob and Emanuela Stocchi

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